Understanding How Israel Operates And How Israel Got Itself Into This Mess

It all starts with a book called the Bible. This book depicts events happening thousands of years ago that nobody alive today or yesterday has a memory of. This book — the most widely published book of all time — depicts the Jewish people as being a people persecuted and in search of a homeland. If you know any Jewish people (as I do), you know that some of them have a severe persecution complex. The ones with this complex think the world is out to get them, and they point to the events in the Bible and the Holocaust as proof.

The reality, that virtually every race on this planet has similar stories to share (with altered details), is irrelevant to these people. No, the Bible calls the Jewish people the chosen people (Deuteronomy 7)1, and the Jewish people feel outnumbered (because they are), so they feel they are special. The ones with an extreme case of this persecution complex, who were born psychopaths (the same ~1%, as with every race, no, the Jews are not special in this regard), will then run with this story and take “special” actions in order to survive as a people — even if these actions violate the 10 Commandments of their Torah. These individuals are psychopaths, that’s what they do, and to be clear, they are not “Jews” in the religious sense (because they are not observant) — they are psychopaths born to Jewish parents.

This brings us to WW2, the “second” major event in Jewish history (the other being the collective events of the Bible involving Egypt, and later on, Jesus). The events of the Holocaust caused trauma for many Jews. Some of the survivors felt that in order to prevent anything like the Holocaust from happening again, they needed a Jewish state. Every other religion had a state with a majority-of-its-religion population, so why not the Jews? “We need a state to prevent this from happening again”, they said, and, well, it’s not an unreasonable argument so away we go! We’ll figure out what that actually means later.

Where to create this state? They could pick some place out of the way without an established population, but that would be insufficiently dramatic. The Bible promises the Jews a state of their own in Israel, and describes the relative borders of this country. The Bible is the most widely published book on Earth, and no one is about to say that it is “wrong” because that would involve undermining the religious beliefs of billions of people. So let’s do this! Let’s make the Biblical prophesy come true! Wouldn’t that be cool? Besides, it’s 100% God approved, or so the thinking goes.

Unfortunately there was one little problem with this plan. See, people were already living in this region, and they had no interest in allowing the Zionist Jews to establish a state there. So these people would have to be removed by force. “Get out of the way Palestinians! Don’t you know we’re Zionists on a mission from God?!” Indeed, and thanks to the after-effects of WW2, the Jewish Zionists had some powerful and powerfully motivated friends, among them the British and the United States. It was time to violate some Commandments. As with every race and religion (in this regard these so-called “Jews” are not special) they picked the part of their favorite religious text that suited their current situation best, and here Moses’ tablets gave way to God’s Promised Land.

Everyone knows that kicking people out of their homes and killing anyone who resists does not buy you many friends. In short order Israel made enemies out of every neighboring country. For the psychopaths in charge, this was a good thing — yet another opportunity to reinforce the persecution complex of Jews with mental illness — proof that their belief that everyone in the world was out to get them is true! (“See? Everyone around us hates us!”)

Anyway, the time was quickly approaching to figure a way out of the situation they’d created. The Israeli army was vastly outnumbered in this area and it needed the help of their bestie and #1 “ally” — the United States. Oh… woe to the United States.

The United States was perfect because it was big, strong, and stupid (“We’re #1! We’re #1!”). If the Israelis could figure out a way to redirect Muslims hatred of Israel onto the USA, and convince Americans that Muslims wanted them dead, they could get the US to fight their battles for them. Fortunately, we had just the guy to help out with this — Osama bin Laden. OBL was a rich American-hating al Qaeda-supporting dude, with ties to the CIA’s proxy wars against Russia. He had made plenty of statements against the USA because he sympathized with the plight of the Palestinians and resented the USA’s support of Israel. He was the perfect patsy for what was to come next. This brings us to 9/11 and the “five dancing Israelis.”

According to ABC News 20/20, after these five Israelis were detained, the driver of the van – Sivan Kurzberg – told the officers: “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”


Indeed, from the psychopaths perspective, attacking the United States by blowing up the towers and using their plants in MSM and the White House to blame it on bin Laden (and the wider Muslim world) was the perfect solution to the extistential threat the Muslim world posed to their fledgling state.

This plan — decades in the making — worked spectacularly. In short order several of Israel’s enemies were wiped off the map and Israel had established for itself a reputation of patience, perseverance, and ruthless cunning. Not only that, but they managed to convince many Muslims that America really was their enemy, thereby reinforcing Islamophobia in America from 9/11. Just brilliant! These psychopaths were very clever, and were willing to do whatever it takes, even becoming Nazis, in order to ensure that Nazis never harmed them again. The Palestinians are now in the shoes of the Jews of WW2, but from the Israeli psychopaths’ perspective they are just fighting those same ghosts of the past, so anything is justified.

This madness continues to play out to this day. To Israeli leadership there is no such thing as an Israeli atrocity. They are willing to commit an atrocity, take photos of it, point to it and say “Look at what the Palestinians just did!”, and use it as proof of further persecution and justification to commit more atrocities because they have a lot of enemies to kill, a state to defend, and borders to expand. When anyone objects to this madness and calls it a war crime, they will shout either, “but the Palestinians!” (when Palestinians practice self-defense), or “remember the Holocaust!”, or “bin Laden!”, or “the Bible!”, or some combination thereof.

Regular Jews in Israel and around the world rightly see through this madness and demonstrate against it, but a sizeable portion of their brothers & sisters in Israel have become victims of the psychopaths in charge and do not want to face the consequences of their actions so they play along.

My question for those still reading is: has the establishment of this type of Jewish state improved or worsened the perceived persecution of Jews around the world? Has it protected or harmed Jewish people around the world and within Israel? The point was to protect Jews, but is that happening, or have the actions of Israeli leaders put all of us on the path towards WW3?

What crazy Israelis need is someone to tell them that it’s going to be OK. That the world does not hate them because they are Jewish (they aren’t really, anyway). It does not hate them because they are Zionists. It doesn’t hate them at all. The world is there and it sees them. It sees through their neurotic madness. What they think of as “the world” is not the world. The world sees that they are hurting and are taking this hurt out on those around them, resulting in that hurt being reflected back at them. What they think of as “the world” is just an echo — a logical result of their own actions. A situation that so many people find themselves in, from so many races, from so many places. Israelis are not chosen or special in this regard.

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one
— Galatians 3:28

(I know I cut that short, but give me a break, and let he who has never cherry-picked a religious quote cast the first stone.)

EDIT: This interview with non-Zionist Jew Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro does a far better job of covering the subject of “Jews vs Zionists” than I ever can. He’s able to clear up the differences between Jews and Zionists better than anyone I know.

  1. Although, I have heard people dispute this, claiming that today’s “Jews” and the Bible’s “Israelites” are two different groups. I am not an expert on this and it’s really quite irrelevant to my overall point.

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  1. INCREDIBLE! Love it absolutely.

    I am a Pakistani Muslim and deeply support the Palestinians. I love the way you have given a history of jews (zionists) and Palestine in a very brief manner. Your blog deserves so many more readers.

    I found your blog while I was researching for a niche using semrush. I was reverse engineering the websites using the generatepress link in the footer of your website. In simple words I was searching for all websites that use generatepress theme so here I am at your blog.

    And then suddenly my eye catches the title of this blog post and I was compelled to read it. It’s so well-researched and well written it shows that you are genuinely concerned about this issue.

    I think you should do something to get more eyes to your blog as I see it has very few visitors. Your work deserves more views and I think I can help you in this regard.

    Keep up the good work


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