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okTurtles Foundation (2014 – Present)

President and co-founder. okTurtles supports beneficial decentralization technologies. We do education, research, and development.

Tao Effect (2008 – Present)

CEO and founder. Created Espionage, the best Mac data encryption and plausible deniability software. It has gone through three major releases. MacUpdate gave it a red listing as a “Hot Pick”, and Mac AppStorm gave it 9 out of 10.

Blockchain University (2015)

Instructor. I teach classes on how blockchains decentralize and improve global Internet security and improve standards of living.

Center for Intelligent Machines and Robotics (2005-2007)

Developer. Wrote the High Level Planner (HLP) for UF’s self-driving car, and participated in the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge, and the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge.

iD Tech Camps (Summer 2006)

Instructor for Programming 2.0 course. Taught youngsters ages 13-18 how to write high-quality Java code.

Notable Software Projects

DNSChain — CoffeeScript

Secure proxy and DNS server for reading and writing data to arbitrary blockchains.

Espionage — C, C++, Objective-C

Espionage provides simple-to-use strong encryption and plausible deniability to Mac OS X.

Group Income — JavaScript

Empowering groups to guarantee their members a minimum income in a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted way.

SBP: Selector-based Programming — Any

A Programming Paradigm for Building Secure Software and Operating Systems.

Empress — Ansible

Makes it simple to run your own email server and migrate from your previous one.

Dragonfly Web Framework — newLISP

Web framework for newLISP. See its dedicated forum on newLISP’s community website.

DelayedLauncher — Objective-C

Featured by LifeHacker, DelayedLauncher speeds up your Mac’s login time.

High Level Planner — C++

High level road planning software for UF’s self-driving car to the DARPA Urban Challenge. Source code not available but there is a video.

More on GitHub

See projects under @taoeffect and @okTurtles.

Technical Writing

Blog posts and analysis


  • Group Currency. A new economic model that uses cryptocurrencies to provide group members with a basic income.
  • BlockchainID. Spec for a decentralized alternative to Facebook Login and OpenID.

Papers and documents

Documentation and step-by-step Guides


See my gists on GitHub and the okTurtles and Tao Effect blogs.

Industry Impact


University of Florida (2005-2008; 2013)

Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science; Minor in Mathematics (after switching from Physics).

Honors: UF’s Deans List. Graduated Cum Laude.