The Reason People Don’t Like Alex Jones

I have this theory as to why people don’t like Alex Jones, and it goes like this:

There is a large segment of the population who strongly prefer that their news be delivered to them in a very particular way.

They prefer that their world news be delivered by a calm, stoic, even friendly personality, like Tom Brokaw.

But Alex Jones is not that type of person.

Alex Jones gets angry. He gets genuinely upset over some of the news that he’s delivering.

And that’s not all.

Not only does Alex Jones get angry and yell, but he covers topics that are genuinely infuriating and upsetting. Topics that other anchors (like Tom Brokaw), will never touch in their life. Topics they would rather deny the truth of than cover.

But Alex Jones actually covers these topics. And gets mad. And yells. And shouts.

And this behavior short-circuits many people’s brains.

They are not used to this. The subject-matter is too upsetting, and if they were to take what Jones is saying seriously, they are afraid that they might turn into him, or worse.

So they would rather take off their thinking caps, make up false stories about him, and laugh at him.

One more note on #AlexJones: does he spread misinformation?

Yes, but in this he and #InfoWars are no different than any other news organization.

The institutional bias against Jones stems from the stories he got right, not from the ones he got wrong.

— Greg Slepak ( (@taoeffect) November 24, 2022

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