Congratulations Bounty Winners: Corbett Report and Global Research!

Time’s up!

Three and a half months later, we received zero qualifying submissions for our bounty.

Surprised? We’re not! 😛

But just because the mainstream (and semi-mainstream) media are failing, doesn’t mean others are.

We, the three bounty donors, have decided: since no one from those parts stepped up, the bounty will go to those who, in their own way, already have.

Corbett Report

One man.

One man is doing what all the men and women at the New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME, The Intercept, The Guardian, Democracy Now, NPR, ProPublica, Fox News, and the rest, are either too lazy, too dumb, or too scared to do:


Specifically, James Corbett is working his butt off and delivering honest, accurate, informative, and most importantly: relevant journalism.

James Corbett’s Corbett Report proves to us good journalism still exists! You just have to dodge the censors and know where to look.

Every Corbett Report episode is meticulously sourced, with transcripts frequently provided.

Relevant to our bounty, we discovered Corbett has already spent a decade covering 9/11 Justice! The Report’s very first episode is titled:

10 years later, we couldn’t agree more.

Since that episode, James Corbett has pushed the envelope even further, going so far as to put together a comprehensive and heavily cited list of ‘9/11 Suspects’.

We are impressed.

James Corbett: congratulations! Your sir, are a real journalist.

We therefore reward half of the 1.42571578 BTC (~$1710) bounty to you.

Global Research

Our second bounty winner is a Canadian “independent research and media organization” based out of Montreal.

Although established an eyebrow-raising “two days before the tragic events of September 11”, hosted without HTTPS, and apparently not setup to receive Bitcoin donations, the outlet nevertheless serves as an example of a news organization that expertly and professionally covers 9/11 Justice, as well as other topics, without detracting from the call for justice by devolving into this.

Unlike the Corbett Report, Global Research made sure to cover — not once, not twice, but three times — Dr. Hulsey’s phenomenal research into building 7, which definitively shows NIST to be corrupt and that there is “zero” probability that office fires could have been responsible for the building’s collapse.1

Global Research: congratulations! You “dun” not only good, but what you were supposed to do.

If Global Research fails to setup a Bitcoin donation option within one month of this post, its half of the bounty will go to one of the honorable mentions below, decided by unanimous agreement of the 3 bounty donors.

Honorable Mentions

A Note And A Gift

It is very possible that this blog post contains terms, and especially names, which will automatically trigger its censorship. Therefore, your help in sharing it both within and outside the usual channels is greatly appreciated!

We’ll leave you with a message from former NIST employee, Peter Michael Ketcham, and an observation from United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz: “It’s never too late to do the right thing.”

If the embedded video doesn’t show, click here and skip the first minute.

  1. Your guess is as good as ours as to when Wikipedia will be updated accordingly.

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