Bitcoin Bounty For Journalists Covering 9/11 Justice



  • Must be written by an established journalist for a recognized American publication that targets an American audience. blog posts do not count. Ask if you’re unsure.
  • Must not contain a single factually or logically incorrect statement.
  • Must cover recent research done by the @WTC7Evaluation team, and the Europhysics paper. Bonus points for mentioning the former NIST-employee and Wikipedia’s failure.
  • Must state the conclusion that a controlled demolition is the most likely explanation for WTC7 collapse, or provide compelling evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn’t (in which case, what are you doing applying for this bounty?? You deserve a Nobel Prize in physics!)
  • Article must be tweeted by your publication’s twitter account and by your twitter account.

Deadline & Decision-making

  • Send me a draft via email or Twitter DM in order to qualify.1 If you don’t receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours, try a different contact method. Only acknowledged entries qualify.
  • Article must be published (according to the Requirements above) by March 31st, 2017.
  • If I OK a draft for correctness and it is published without any modifications, you receive immunity from any errors that I managed to not notice.
  • Winning entry will be picked by a 2/3 supermajority vote of those who contributed to the bounty. If there are only two voters, the winning entry will be chosen by me.

How to contribute to bounty

  • Send at least $50 worth of Bitcoin to this address: 1GhmbRtDjhB2ZbBPYgh7RkeNxbpKwcMFGw
  • DM me to identify yourself if you would like to vote on the winning entry. Anonymous voters are not allowed (to prevent sabotage), but I will not disclose your identity if you prefer I don’t. If you seem questionable, I will return your BTC.
  • All Bitcoins at that address will go to winning entry, unless it is late, in which case see below:

What happens if you are late

  • Every day late reduces the award given by half of the balance, up to 7 days, after which all funds are returned to the address(es) that sent them. If a partial award is sent, it is also proportionally refunded.
  • If you still manage to publish, you’ll still get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with rehabilitating your failed profession.
  1. My contact info should be visible in the sidebar on the left. If you’re on a tiny device, you might not see it. My GPG key if you want it.

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