Greg’s List of Cool Companies That Pledge To Never Advertise On Twitter

I’ve blocked over a thousand Twitter accounts for advertising (see why).1 Incidentally, I am not the only one that does this. I would prefer to just pay Twitter to turn off ads. This post is an attempt to get Twitter to at least offer users the option to make a small monthly payment to turn off advertisements.

I hope we can fix this Twitter advertising thing. There are a lot of ways to do it, of which this is but one.

Here is a list of principled companies whose work I recommend you visit / check out because they, unlike some, respect people enough to restrain themselves from wasting money on forcibly injecting themselves into your twitter feed:

  • Tao Effect LLC (that’s my company), makers of Espionage (pledge)
  • — A social enterprise (limited by guarantee, not equity) working for social justice in the digital era by promoting and practicing Ethical Design. (pledge)
  • Democracy Earth — Incorruptible governance tech for small & large communities. A global commons of peers. (pledge)

Listed in chronological order.

To add yourself, tweet using the hashtag #WePledgeToNeverPromoteOurTweets and then DM me or @mention my account with a link to the tweet. Feel free to link to this post if you’d like.2

You Can Still Market Your Company/Product!

There is a huge difference between advertising and marketing!

Save your brand and save everyone (including yourself!) the pain of being bombarded with hundreds of promoted tweets!

  1. If you’d like me to unblock your account just tweet the pledge and send me an email with a link to it.
  2. Deleting your pledge later on will get you removed from the list and possibly publicly shamed. To report a company that goes back on its word, post a comment with the evidence.

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