Foolproof Plan To Get Us Out Of This Mess (Updated)

Short-term suggestions are simple:

  • Suggest public wears masks and recommend temporary social distancing.1
  • Require Suggest Require stores to have mask usage for 1 month, re-evaluate each month and adjust as necessary.
  • Assemble crack-team of stats experts to investigate quality of all data and address every conspiracy theory out there.

Long-term suggestion to avoid societal collapse also simple: get Balaji S. Srinivasan, Bill Gates, John McAfee, Elon Musk, James Corbett, and Nassim Taleb all in a room, along with their favorite “experts”, and do not allow them to leave until they all agree on what to do.

Update June 2020

I’ve definitely flip-flopped on this issue (you can see above, going from Require -> Suggest -> Require, in terms of wearing masks in confined places). With more evidence available now, several months out, I do think this virus is serious enough to enforce some kinds of reasonable requirements to attempt to get R0/Rt below 1, however, I also recognize that attempting to achieve this goal may result in significant harms of its own.

  1. Be careful with panic-based “requirements”, they can have unintended consequences.

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